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Who are we?

IHG began in a three-day workshop at Keble College, Oxford, in 2011, co-sponsored by the universities of Oxford and Queensland with the strong support of the University of Leiden. The workshop was organized by Professor Ian Lilley from Queensland and included about 20 participants from academia, ICOMOS, the corporate sector and the commercial heritage sector. The objective of the meeting was to determine if participants agreed there were key capacity problems in the heritage sector globally and whether there were concrete and achievable steps that could be taken to reduce these problems. At the end of the workshop, participants decided to form an action network to enhance international cultural heritage management capacity and foster best practice around the world. That network became the International Heritage Group.

Convened by Ian Lilley, IHG works though his dense and extensive cross-sectoral networks and those of the other members of the Keble group to create a global ‘meta-network’. IHG is based at the University of Queensland and forms an element of an initiative in Conservation and Heritage Innovation that brings together colleagues from a wide array of disciplines connected with cultural and natural heritage.

What we do

IHG is an independent international non-governmental network of networks. It spans the globe and can help you navigate through a heritage world in which the tensions between global expectations and local aspirations become more challenging every day.

A trusted and collaborative honest broker, IHG delivers tailored assistance through its three free services:

  • IHG ANALYSIS for the right information
  • IHG ADVICE for the right people
  • IHG ADVOCACY for the right support for change
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